The Lighthouse

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse6

“I do not wish to be sad any longer,
and cry of woe for evermore.
He will return after all these years
from the far away and darkest seas.
The flowers are blooming in my garden
and wait with me for his return
and even if he´s far and I´m crying,
up in the lighthouse the fires burn.
Once the time will come, that we will hold again
´cause our love, my sailor man,
never has an end”

(Free translation of a Dutch fisherman song from the 17th century)

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse14

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse3

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse12

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse23

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse7

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse10

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse2

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse24

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse4

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse19

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse5

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse1

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse13

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse16

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse22

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse8

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse25

Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse20Voguence-Linda Wendel-Fuerteventura-Lighthouse18JUMPSUIT: Zara (similar: herehere and here) / NECKLACE: Zara (similar: here) / SHOES: Esprit




Shooting Location: Punta de Tostón, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

This time we chose this picturesque lighthouse as our shooting background. With it´s bright red colour and timeless architecture it was surely worth the bumpy ride. We took the North track where some of the best surf spots of the island are to be found. The lighthouse, that also contains the ’Museo de la Pesca’, can be easier reached from El Cotillo a coastal town 4km down south. But that´s what you get if your Photographer is also surfing.
We did our shooting on a Monday – the only day the fishing museum is closed. Being there on your own, you get a feeling of walking into a movie scene or a passage out of a romantic book.
The weather was a challenge though. Using only the natural evening light made it difficult, as the sky was continually changing between cloudy and sunny due to the ever-blowing winds. In these conditions, you have to constantly adjust the exposure and shutter speed of the camera. Busy time for the photographer and a little payback for the bumpy ride ;-)
Once the light was fading we were able to make some landscape pics of the lighthouse in the glowing sunset. A perfect ending.


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24 Comments to: The Lighthouse

  1. Jackie Harrison says:

    Great job beautiful images.

  2. These pictures are really something wonderful my dear!


  3. viktoria says:

    потрясающие фотографии! Вы такая красивая!!!

  4. Kirsten says:

    So unglaublich schöne Bilder wieder!!!!! So künstlerisch und perfekt!!! Unglaublich tolle Location:-) Ich kenne wirklich keinen anderen Blog, der so gute Bilder hat!!! Auch nicht die ‘Großen’:-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  5. fleurani says:

    Linda, die Photos sind einfach nur traumhaft schön, das Setting so magisch, dein Outfit so sophsiticated.

    Du bist so oft in FV, lebst du dort?


    • Linda says:

      Hallo Ani,
      danke für die lieben Worte. Fuerteventura ist für uns wie ein zweites zu Hause. Wir haben ein Jahr auf der Insel gelebt und noch immer Freunde dort, daher kommen wir bei jeder Gelegenheit sehr gerne zurück :-)

  6. Diana says:

    Oh I love this shooting and scenery ! You look amazing <3 Great look as well !


  7. Stunning! A place to visit no doubt ;)


  8. i am so blown away on your photos!

    new post on THE MILANO MODE

  9. ediot says:

    you look so stunning. adore this outfit
    great shots

  10. Lyosha says:

    awesome graphic look! amazing photo-work

  11. Dilek says:

    These photos are gorgeous. I love the location and the outfit; especially that top! ^^

  12. Laura says:

    Wow, amazing pictures. It really looks absolutely stunning.
    Love it!!

    Laura from

  13. VeronicaBo says:

    Awesome photos in a magic place! Your outfit is so charming

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